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Terms & Conditions of Use

Please read the terms and conditions carefully before using this website. The use of www.all-sports.gr website implies acceptance of the following terms. If for any reason you do not accept the Terms of Use unreservedly, please do not use this site.

all-sports.gr is owned by FANI ZIOGA - ANASTASIOS ZIOGAS OE. , with distinctive title "ZIOGAS SPORT", central shop Alexandros 37 & Ermou corner and branch of Pl. Eleftheria 1 in Katerini. (TIN: 099934737 TU: KATERINIS)

all-sports.gr is the online store of the company that provides its users with the opportunity to learn about sports clothing, footwear and other sport equipment in general as well as the opportunity to shop them. The website www.all-sports.gr sells these goods using the technology and the low operating costs offered by the internet to offer all customers its products at the best available prices

Intellectual Property

The content of this web site, including photographs, images, texts, graphics, source code, databases, designs, news, images, software, applications, services, and all kind of files and content, is the intellectual property of www.all-sports .gr and / or its licensors, with the necessary permission from them to be posted on the website and governed by Greek, European and international intellectual property laws. Therefore, reproduction, republication, copying, storage, sale, transmission, distribution, edition, execution, translation, modification in any way, in whole ,in part or in summary form, without the prior written permission of the rightholder / holder, is expressly prohibited. There is an exception in sole storage of a single copy of a part of the content of the website, only on a personal computer , permitted only for personal use and not in case for public or commercial use, without prejudice in any way the relevant intellectual and industrial ownership rights. Also, any images or logos and distinctive features representing third parties, as well as their products or services, are trademarks, protected by the relevant trademark laws. Their appearance at www.all-sports.gr should in no way be construed as transferring and / or licensing and / or the right to use them.

User Obligation

All-sports.gr must be used for legitimate purposes only and in a way that does not restrict or impede its use by third parties. Users of www.all-sports.gr are required to use this website according to these terms and not in a way that causes damage or malfunction to it by affecting its proper and orderly functioning.

We suggest users for their own convenience in a future purchase, create an account to buy sports items that are available on our site.

Eligibility of Website Use- Child Protection

This site is not designed to appeal to minors. The sites services and products are intended only for adults over the age of 18. Adults are therefore legally required to protect underage Internet users who can access our website. Www.all-sports.gr is not responsible for any use of this site by minors and the consequent purchase of products available to them.

Product Purchase-Payment Method-Return Policy

The products that are posted on www.all-sports.gr are presented with retail prices including VAT. In addition to retail costs, the individual user / customer also pays the cost of transport, when it exists, the size of which will be communicated to him before the final submission of his order. The company may modify the prices of its products. Any modification will not affect existing orders that are being processed or sent.

Payment can be made in one of the following ways: credit or debit card, PayPal, bank deposit or cash on delivery. Once the order has been completed, an email will be sent to the customer confirming the order.

When receiving the product, the customer is responsible for checking whether the packaging is intact and the condition of the products he has received is desirable or if there are any obvious problems or defects in the product in order not to lose the rights resulting from the defective product law.

If the user/customer, after receiving the order, wishes to return a product, the company follows a policy of returning products sold through its website, which is in accordance with European and Greek consumer protection legislation. In this case the customer will be able to return the product within 14 calendar days of receipt, as shown by the statements of the transport company from which he received it. The product to be returned must be in excellent condition and in intact packaging and not used. In this case, the customer is not charged with shipping costs to the company, he is obliged though to contact the company and follow the procedure for returning a defective product.

No refunds are made for any product if it has been used or has tampered packaging. If a product proves to be defective, it is subject to the guarantee of the company that produced it and the responsibility for repair and / or replacement belongs to this company


all-sports.gr uses cookies to identify its users. Cookies are small files that are automatically generated on the hard disk of the users' computers when they visit the site. These files may contain information such as: which websites the users have visited or how much time they spend to them. Under no circumstances are harmful to users' computers. Users have the option to disable them from their browser if they do not want to use them. In this case, however, they may not be able to use all the services of the site.


The terms and conditions of use of this website are in Greek. Therefore, in the event of a discrepancy between the Greek text and any translation, the Greek text prevails.

Modification of Terms and Conditions of Use

The terms and conditions of this Agreement are governed by Greek, European and international law. Therefore, any provision of the above shall be deemed to be contrary to law, it shall automatically cease to be valid and shall be withdrawn from the present, without in any case undermining the validity of the other terms. This is the overall agreement between all-sports.gr and the users/customers of the site and its services and binds only them. No modification of these terms will be taken into account and will not form part of this agreement unless it has been drafted in written and has not been incorporated into it.


For the use of the services and the receipt of the goods available through all-sports.gr it is necessary for the user to register personal data.

The company may maintain a file and process the user's personal information/data. Under no circumstances does the company reveals or makes public the user's personal data. At this point ,it should be clarified that the company does not have a public accessible list of its users' e-mail addresses. Personal data displayed at any point on www.all-sports.gr are therefore intended solely to ensure the proper and efficient operation of the respective service and may not be used by a third party without complying with the provisions of Law 2472 / 1997, Ν.3471 / 2006 and 4070/2012 governing the protection and processing of personal data as they apply each time after thecorresponding updates/modifications. User's personal information is kept with security and respect for everyone's privacy.

Personal information, or part of them, declared on the site is solely used by it to fulfill the purpose of the services provided. The company has the summit consent of its users / customers to transfer their data to natural and / or legal entities when it is necessary for the implementation of the services and the receipt of the goods by the users who will request them and to fulfill the purpose of the electronic communication of the two parties; always under the conditions of L.3471 / 2006 and 4070/2012. Data of the record may also be published to the competent authority justice , police and other administrative authorities upon their lawful request under the applicable law. The above does not in any way invalidate the user's right to be informed and objected in accordance with the provisions of L.2472 / 1997, L.3471 / 2006 and 4070/2012 regarding the privacy of telecommunications for personal data.

More information on GDPR and privacy can be found here Privacy Policy.

Rights to access, correct, and delete personal data

Users have the ability to access and correct-convert their personal data at any time. This refers to the data they have already registered during their registration on the site, through their account access.

Furthermore, users who wish to be deleted of the website may at any time request their personal data to be deleted by contacting the web manager and providing the information they will be asked to provide.